Klinik for Shockwave

Ultrasound scan of the heart for erection problems

Last week, the clinic received a new ultrasound scanner from Echonous, which uses artificial intelligence to provide a very accurate measure of the heart's pumping capacity. This is also called the cardiac output factor.
This possibility to screen heart function is to be used in the treatment of erection problems, which may be a symptom of underlying disease of the cardiovascular system.
The purpose of the screening will be to encourage investigation by your own doctor/cardiologist. At the same time, it will provide important information about the cause of the erection problems, along with the other tests and examinations.
In addition, I will continuously collect information and data on possible correlations between different degrees of erection problems, heart function and blood flow in the penis locally.
This does not replace a trip to the doctor, but can be a first step on the road / lever, for those who have not yet plucked up the courage, and talked to their doctor about the problems they have, in relation to their general health. Unfortunately, talking about erection problems is still a big taboo in our society.
I look forward to an exciting autumn of new learning, where I will be set up with Secma Medical's experts in cardiology, to become proficient at the scans and examinations relevant to erection problems.