Klinik for Shockwave

Ultralydsscanning af hjertet og rejsningsproblemer

This is a short video talk for everyone with an interest in treating Erectile dysfunction and point-of-care ultrasound, and how it is implemented in the clinic.
How can we start thinking and working across different specialties?

I am pleased to have cardiology fellow Ai Phi Thuy Ho from Norway joyning in this talk about Erectile Dysfunction and why you should be taking symptoms of erectile dysfunction seriously.

AI Phi is an ultrasound scanning specialist and runs the platform www.norvue.no, which offers high-quality ultrasound courses for different organs.

Get answers to the following and much more:
Why should symptoms of erectile dysfunction be taken seriously?

Which cardiovascular disease can lead to ED?

Which role can POCUS (point of care ultrasound) have in screening in ED other than the cardiologist, for a skilled sonographer?

Which actions can be taken besides the medication for cardiovascular diseases?