Klinik for Shockwave

Teaching week in Saudi Arabia

Back in Danmark🇩🇰 and summing up on a week in Saudi Arabia as a trainer, and a few good tips for those working with shockwave.

11 workshops and trainings with Storz Medical 💪💪
Jeddah, Mecca, Buraidah, Riyadh, Damman

Shockwave is an art form that requires training and experience to produce good results. Therefore, the main messages this week have been:

1. Know your equipment and the different transmitters; this is where you can really make a difference, especially with the radiating shockwave.

2. Focused shockwave is a precision tool and therefore it is essential to be able to support with ultrasound imaging, in order to treat the right structures, at the right time.

3. The intensity of treatment depends on the client's tolerance, not just the specific protocol and intensity from a given study. Adjust the intensity and increase it along the way, at the client's pace. This leads to better compliance and results.

4. Combine focused and radiating shockwave to support higher quality rehabilitation. We can create more mobility, less pain and higher quality of life, with a simple holistic shockwave approach.

Next month, we will travel to both Helsinki and Kuwait, for major workshops and presentations on EMTT and ESWT.