Klinik for Shockwave

Shockwave teaching in Saudi Arabia

This past week I have been in Saudi Arabia teaching shockwave to Storz Medical.
It has been an exciting week, where I have held 7 workshops and training sessions in shockwave, EMTT and ultrasound scanning. It has been at various university hospitals, private clinics and at the local distributor, Care Techniques.
It's great to teach at that level and to be able to inspire other therapists to be able to increase their results.
This time, the focus has been on the treatment of muscular problems, where the focus has been to raise the level of individual therapists and specialists. In particular, the work with connective tissue and the special fascia transmitters has given much attention in the individual sessions.
In the next 2 months there will be a number of training sessions in Denmark at different clinics and for Secma Medical, before a training trip to Dubai, focusing on urological shockwave .
Here are some pictures from the trip.
Shockwave Saudi Arabia

At the Saudi German Hosputal in Riyadh, I had to teach all the department heads from the "chain", so they had flown in from the 6 branches across the country to attend, so they could go home and teach their own staff the material they had learned

Saudi German Hosputal in Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, women only treat women. For today's lesson, however, an exception is made, but she doesn't ask permission, she just does it. She is a department head and thus respected for her professionalism. She was an amazing woman to meet, ambitious and talented. Her greatest wish was to build her own private clinic, and her husband supports the idea.

Alle deltagerne på Saudi German Hosputal i Riyadh. Afterwards there was a handshake ceremony with the leaders and me, though not for the female participant, this is still not culturally appropriate, though a lot has happened. So there we had a picture where we are standing next to each other

Training in EMTT technology at a private clinic

Ultrasound scan in conjunction with shockwave