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Project Sexus

Project Sexus and Erectile Dysfunction

Project sexus showed that 27% of Danish men have problems with erection, are you or your partner one of them? We must at least start by being able to talk about it.
In connection with the major study "Sex in Denmark" published two years ago, the sexual health of Danes has been uncovered. One of the chapters deals with sexual dysfunction and potentially investigative/treatment-requiring erectile dysfunction (ED). Which we treat in the clinic with shockwave, with great success.
As we are working with very personal information and the number of participants in the survey is "low", we should also expect some dark figures, so the real scope may be larger. We highlight just one of the graphs in relation to travel difficulty here.
Among 21,394 male respondents who reported that they had had sex and attempted to penetrate their spouse, steady partner or boyfriend in the past four weeks, 27.2% had a total IIEF-5 score (screening tool for ED) of 21 or lower.
This proportion of 27.2% thus meets the criterion of having potentially investigative travel difficulties.
There are many ways to deal with erection problems, some of which could be the following
  • Change dietary habits
  • Change of smoking habits
  • Change of alcohol intake
  • Get more exercise
  • Talking about the problem

A lot of it is about our lifestyle, so it's always important to get that covered before you possibly embark on any kind of pot pills or other treatment.

In the clinic, we can help you get your lifestyle back on track through thorough guidance At the same time we also have the possibility to offer shockwave treatment.

If you want to see if you potentially have erection problems, we have a test here you can fill in, anonymously

erectile dysfunction project sexus
erectile dysfunction project sexus

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