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Peyronies, the silent killer

Peyronies, the silent killer

Peyronies are the silent killer in the bedroom. The penis becomes curved after an inflammatory condition that can last up to 8 months, and sexual activity can become difficult. Especially in cases where curvatures of up to 90 degrees are seen. In addition, there is the impact on self-confidence and the fact that the condition can be painful. It is not yet fully understood why it occurs, but theories are that it may be genetic, as with cockfingers and arthritis, to which peyronis is related, as it is all a fibrotic condition. There are also theories that it may be caused by trauma to the penis during sex. Recent studies show that it affects up to 13% of men.

Treatment options for peyronies

There are different ways to treat, both invasive and non-invasive

  1. Surgery (should be a last resort)
  2. Injections
  3. Shockwave

Surgery is the quickest way to an "effective" result, as it involves removing the fibrosa/plaque with a scalpel and making a series of corrections to the penis with "needle and thread", unfortunately there can also be side effects such as loss of sensitivity or erection problems.

Injections seek to dissolve the fibrosis/plaque and reasonable results are seen

With shockwave we see good results in the clinic, especially in reducing pain, and also in increasing elasticity / reducing the curve.

For both injections and shockwave, there are people who respond and people who don't. It depends on the prevalence, but also the quality of the cells, lifestyle, as it is biological factors that play a role in the outcome.

A "new" study also shows that shockwave is a safe and minimally invasive treatment method to treat peyronies before surgery with the risk of side effects may be considered.

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