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Multidisciplinary group for erectile dysfunction

Multidisciplinary group for erectile dysfunction

Yesterday I was in Svendborg, at the university hospital.

A new collaboration was built between MS Insight, Cortsen Physiotherapy and Urology Professor Lars Lund from Odense University Hospital, in relation to a collaboration on the treatment of erection problems / erectile dysfunction

This is being facilitated by Secma Medical to create a group to bridge practice and research in the field. This is part of a focus on ensuring quality of care through a joint information and education effort for doctors and therapists.

All parties, and especially I look forward to future collaboration with Lars Lund, which will help raise the level of ED treatment in the long term nationally.

At the same time, protocols for treatment were discussed, where all 3 specialists, independently of each other, had arrived at the same protocol, right down to the number of pulsations, intensity and number of treatments.

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