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Incontinence men, treatment with shockwave

Behandling af inkontinens med shockwave


At Incontinence for Men, we effectively treat with shockwave to give you better control over your urination

Incontinence in men doesn't mean that nothing can be done. Shockwave in combination with EMTT is a new option to help with incontinence. The treatment is safe and without side effects and takes place in a safe environment in our clinic on Amager.

The traditional treatment for incontinence would be exercise, medication or, in the worst case scenario, surgery. One of the causes of urinary problems can be a lack of muscle control or too tight muscles around the urethra. This is the type of incontinence we can affect with shockwave and EMTT.  The impact on bladder control when using shockwave has been discovered as a "side effect" after treating erectile dysfunction.

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FAQ about incontinence

We offer you an effective course of treatment for incontinence with shockwave & EMTT without side effects. You will regain a higher quality of life, thanks to a greater control over your urination and higher self-confidence that you previously had, after the end of treatment.

Using shockwave and EMTT, we stimulate the nerves, muscles and blood vessels of the diaphragm, giving you greater control over your urination. Completely without the unpleasant side effects that can be seen with certain types of medication or surgery.

A standard course of treatment consists of 4-6 treatments. For some, a higher number of treatments may be necessary. The number is based on the severity of your incontinence, how long it has been present and how you respond to treatment.

We are the only clinic in Denmark to offer this innovative combination treatment. With this combination, we see a higher effect than with shockwave alone. This is also supported by our clients who have previously received shockwave as a standalone.

As one of the few clinicians in Denmark, and the only one in Copenhagen, Michael works directly with Storz Medical in Switzerland, in terms of training and development in shockwave technology. They are market leaders in the production and development of shockwave devices, for urological indications among others.

A single shockwave treatment in combination with EMTT costs DKK 1,200. We are the only ones in Denmark working with the combination of Shockwave and EMTT, where we see a higher effect than shockwave alone. Find out about the possibility of a treatment package when you contact us.

At the first consultation, you can choose whether you only want the consultation, which costs DKK 1,400 (without treatment), and wait to plan your course or start right away.

The treatment and assessment of your problem is carried out by one of Denmark's leading experts in urological shockwave treatment, Michael Strøm, who is also a member of The International Society for Sexual Medicine.

Before we start treatment, we do a thorough screening of the severity of your problem, while also uncovering your medical history. We recommend that you include your doctor in the process, as we need to ensure that all blood values and any complications are under control. We also do an ultrasound scan during treatment to see if you have control over your pelvic floor muscles.

We'll discuss all of this during the initial consultation and guide you through the different solutions. At the same time, we will determine your expectations of the treatment.

In addition, we need to look at the conditions that apply to the psychological part of life. It could be whether you're stressed, whether your relationship is working well and other factors that may come into play.

An advanced body composition measurement and screening of body balances and health status is performed with the Inbody770 system. Read more below.

The actual treatment of incontinence with focused shockwave and EMTT is done by treating the perineum (bladder & prostate) with shockwave. Here, the sound waves stimulate the nerves, muscles and blood vessels of the diaphragm, giving you more control over your urination. A "side effect" can also be a harder erection. The shockwave treatment itself lasts about 10-15 minutes, based on research-based protocols and the equipment available at the clinic, which is the latest available.

The treatment is painless for you, and cannot be compared to if you have had it before in, for example, a shoulder. You only feel a slight tingle. We'll do an ultrasound scan of your diaphragm to see if you can control the muscles in your pelvic floor. You are of course welcome to bring your partner to the treatment if it gives you more reassurance.

There are no risks and no known side effects of the treatment. However, in the hours or days after, you may feel that it is "working" in the area. You will also be able to have sexual activity as usual throughout the course of treatment.

We always perform a thorough ultrasound scan of the pelvic floor at the first treatment. We do this to ensure that the pelvic floor muscles are under control. In this way, we can help you to initiate the necessary and correct pelvic floor training. It also helps to ensure that we hit the precise structures when doing the treatment, as we can adjust the depth of the sound waves. We have the latest and most advanced scanning equipment in the clinic, with probes targeting superficial structures and vessels.

We only offer female incontinence treatment using EMTT and not shockwave, as we only have male practitioners. The EMTT treatment takes place while wearing underwear, so you won't be exposed.

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