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gout, treatment with laser therapy

We help you to less pain with gout

When Podagra helps you with laser therapy as a complement to the medical treatment of gout, we offer to achieve a pain-relieving effect during the attacks themselves, through heat/laser treatment and mobilization of the affected joints through e.g. tractions. Exercise is also an essential part of the treatment of gout, but focuses less on strengthening the muscles around the joints and more on helping to create a good lifestyle.

The treatment is painless and without side effects.

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When we treat gout in our clinic, we take your medical history into account. Pain is often the first signal your joint sends that something is wrong. It is important that we address the areas where gout is worst, so that you can achieve a normal level of function in everyday life.

With a level 4 K-laser that we use in the clinic, we can go in with the 4 wavelengths to stimulate the following:

  • 660-nm (Stimulates everything in the skin such as: wounds, acne, psoriasis, etc.)
  • 800-nm (Stimulates ATP production in cells)
  • 905-nm (Stimulates a more efficient release of oxygen to the cells)
  • 970-nm (Stimulates increased blood circulation)

In particular, the ability to increase blood circulation, fight inflammation, stimulate cells and reduce pain is what we primarily aim for in the treatment of arthritis. Treatment with laser painless and without side effects. The cells that are already in the process of healing will receive energy from outside, thereby strengthening and accelerating the body’s natural healing. As the disease cannot be cured, we recommend treatment at 2-3 day intervals until symptoms have reached a level where satisfactory everyday activities can be maintained.

  • The most common form of gout is gout, which affects the big toe. This is particularly common in middle-aged and elderly people.The fact that the big toe is particularly at risk may be due to the onset of osteoarthritis, which often affects the joints around the big toe. This happens when the worn joint is stressed, for example by walking or running, and fluid is produced in the joint, which contains uric acid. But as water disappears from the joint cavity about twice as fast as uric acid, the concentration of uric acid gradually increases until the uric acid precipitates in a form of crystals, triggering a gout attack.In severe cases of osteoarthritis of the big toe joint, it can be mistaken for gout.
  • A certain diagnosis requires that the joint fluid is examined under a microscope to see if it contains uric acid crystals.As a complement to the medical treatment of uric acid arthritis, we offer a pain-relieving effect during the attacks themselves, through heat/laser treatment and mobilisation of the affected joints through e.g. Exercise is also an important part of the treatment of gout, but is not so much focused on strengthening the muscles around the joints, but more on helping to create a good lifestyle.


Uric arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis also known as gout (gout of the big toe). Uric acid is naturally occurring in the blood, produced by the breakdown of the body’s cells. Some people have an increased accumulation of uric acid, and thus an increased risk of developing gout. It is the uric acid that collects as small crystals inside the affected joints and destroys the joints. The big toe in particular tends to be affected.

Some sufferers experience just one or a few attacks of gout. Others will have seizures at regular intervals, and this group in particular needs medical treatment. This is also because of the risk of long-term consequences, which can include joint damage, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and kidney problems. When you have a seizure, the symptoms can be different.

If you suddenly feel pain in one or a few of your joints, you may have gout. Especially if the sore joint(s) swell up, get hot and have a shiny, reddish colour. The affected area can become so tender that even a sheet or other light touch can be extremely painful

Although medical treatment regulates uric acid production, it is wise to eat healthily, avoid excess weight and limit alcohol intake. A healthy lifestyle improves the cells in the body’s environment, thus reducing symptoms. In particular, weight loss associated with obesity could reduce symptoms in relation to the amount of uric acid in the blood. However, be careful not to move too quickly, as this can result in seizures.


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