Klinik for Shockwave

Michael’s Vision

Is to be a private clinic that is constantly evolving, to ensure the best possible treatment solutions in chronic muscular problems and sexual dysfunctions in Copenhagen


The focus is on enabling you to achieve and maintain a high quality of life through effective treatment.

High quality

Focusing on your goals as we plan your treatment together, whatever they may be.

The client in focus

Ensure professional and effective treatment in the clinic, while training you to take charge of your situation. In this way, you become an active player in the treatment process and your future health.

Professional Service

Leading specialist in shockwave, and actively involved in training other therapists, both nationally and internationally

About the clinic

The clinic is a private clinic offering an alternative treatment setup to the public system with shockwave, EMTT and laser therapy. Therefore, no referral from your doctor is accepted and there is full co-payment for treatment.

Michael who owns the clinic is a manual therapist and specialist in shockwave treatment of acute and chronic injuries. In parallel, he has specialised in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and peyronies, which is now a primary area of the clinic’s daily work.

The clinic acts as a reference centre for shockwave manufacturer Storz Medical, which is based in Switzerland. This means that the clinic always has the latest equipment, and that the clinic’s owner Michael helps to organise workshops for doctors and physiotherapists in the various areas of treatment with shockwave technology.

The clinic works closely with Danish Secma medical, in relation to training of Danish therapists in shockwave and laser therapy.


Meet Michael

Michael Strøm

Michael Strøm


Michael has a burning desire to make a difference to you as a client. Through courses and specialist training he has specialised in shockwave treatment for complex issues. To this end, everything is done from a holistic perspective, focusing on the relationship between cause, function and pain.

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