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Treatment and study of erectile dysfunction in Copenhagen

Get effective shockwave treatment for erection problems in a safe atmosphere

Effective shockwave treatment against erection problems

When you meet Michael in the clinic, you are in safe hands. Michael specialises in focused shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction and peyronie's disease, and is an internationally recognised expert. That's why men of all ages from all over the Nordic countries come to the clinic for treatment every day. Besides specialising in shockwave treatment, he is also a certified sexologist.

In the clinic you will get a better quality in your travel and sex life. It is through effective and side-effect free shockwave treatment supplemented with EMTT, which creates new blood vessels and nerve activity in the penis. It can be when the erection fails and you can't have the toughness and endurance you want. It can be by sporadic or complete absence of erection, and the ability to have sex even when using various kinds of pills and aids.

Michael part of an international multidisciplinary group in the field of urological shockwave. Where he teaches other therapists and specialists internationally, for shockwave manufacturer Storz Medical. The clinic's protocols are a further development of the concept from prof. Lars Lund.

Treatment and examination for erection problems by specialist at eye level

When you first come, together we have a thorough and in-depth conversation and examination to find the cause of your erection problems. We look at your lifestyle, your relationship and other factors that can affect erection. Here, Michael also performs a series of detailed ultrasound scans, which can accurately determine the severity of the erection problem and/or whether you are at risk of developing problems in the near future.

The scans form the basis for clarifying treatment options and actions to improve the quality of your erection. These opportunities are not seen elsewhere in the Nordic region. Then we start with shockwave and EMTT treatment, so you get more toughness and endurance on the journey, as well as the morning journey back. You get the tools to make a difference for yourself, and especially your erection, so you avoid problems again in the future.

At the bottom of this page, a large amount of information has been gathered, explaining in detail erection problems, treatments and prices.

Michael is a member of The International Society for Sexual Medicine and the Danish Sexologist Association.

Have an erection problem?

You are not alone

FAQ about erectile dysfunction

  1. At the first examination, a thorough screening is made of the degree of your erection problem, physical and mental health status. We talk about it openly about it and any lifestyle issues.
  2. Michael uncovers together whether it is a constant absence of erection, or it is more situational (psychological factors). We recommend that you have your doctor present, as we need to ensure that all blood values and any associated diseases are under control
  3. He does an ultrasound scan of the penis and pelvic floor, as well as a brief screening of the heart's pumping function.
  4. You will be guided on which pelvic floor exercises to start.
  5. Together, we will set expectations for your treatment and the level to which we expect to be able to move you, based on the results of the study.
  6. Your course is planned
  7. You will receive the first treatment with shockwave and EMTT if you wish.

We'll go in-depth to make sure we can put the right treatment strategy in place to restore quality to your sex life. If dietary and lifestyle adjustments are needed, we use external partners.

At the first examination, we will do an ultrasound scan of both your penis and your pelvic floor, in order to target the treatment to your needs. The following are examined:

  1. Blood flow in the 2 arteries of the swollen limb
  2. Is there calculus, fat or plaque in the swelling membrane or connective tissue?
  3. Muscles in the pelvic floor that can indicate if there is balance in the hormonal system.
  4. Are there risk factors for developing erection problems in the future (we can see it long before the problem occurs).
  5. Your control over the pelvic floor muscles.

The clinic has the latest and most advanced ultrasound scanning equipment from Sonosite, with probes targeting superficial structures and vessels. The clinic is also one of the few in the Nordic countries that offers such extensive ultrasound scanning for erection problems, and thus has a great deal of experience in translating the images into a concrete treatment plan.

  • The use of shockwave creates new small blood vessels in the penis and cleans the "dirt" in the swellings. The nerves, muscles and blood vessels of the diaphragm are also stimulated, giving you a stronger and better erection again. Completely without the unpleasant side effects seen with other treatments.
  • The course usually lasts 6 weeks and is adapted to your needs and the degree of problems in relation to the sex life you want. All with the aim of you having a high quality of life and good self-esteem. You get the tools to make a difference for yourself, your feelings as a man and not least your erection, so you avoid problems again in the future. A course of treatment usually consists of 6, 9 or 12 sessions, with 90% of our clients experiencing a better and more powerful erection.
  • We clarify what the triggers are for you, the first time you come to the clinic for an examination. Recent research and experience from our German colleagues show that it is recommended to supplement with an additional course of 6 treatments after 6 months. This has been shown to give a longer lasting effect (several years, at the level achieved). Others choose to have regular maintenance with a few treatments throughout the year, to have a high nerve activity.
  • A single treatment with shockwave in combination with EMTT costs from DKK 1,100. We are the only ones in Denmark working with the combination of Shockwave and EMTT, where we see a higher effect than shockwave alone.
  • At the first consultation, you can choose to have an interview and examination only, which costs from DKK 1,300, or go straight ahead (DKK 2,000).
  • If you want to see a review of different studies, you can see them here: Studies on ED

  • The treatment of erection problems (Erectile Dysfunction) with focused shockwave is done by treating the diaphragm and shaft of the penis with shockwave. Here, the sound waves will increase blood flow and the formation of new blood vessels, as well as break down any calcifications and cholesterol build-up in the swelling membranes. It loosens up tense muscles, allowing good blood flow back to the penis from the pelvic floor.
  • The shockwave treatment itself lasts about 15-20 minutes, based on research-based protocols and the equipment available at the clinic, which is the latest available.
  • The treatment is painless for youand cannot be compared to if you have had it before in, for example, a shoulder. You only feel a slight tingle. You are of course welcome to bring your partner to the treatment if it gives you more reassurance.
  • There are no risks and side effects of the treatment. You will also be able to have sexual activity as usual throughout the course of treatment. However, it can positively affect bladder control, as well as the quality of ejaculation.

We also have the possibility to combine the shockwave treatment with the brand new EMTT technology, which provides an increased stimulation of the nervous system and elasticity of the tissues in the pelvic floor, as well as an increased release of growth factors, and other building blocks for increased cell quality. Therefore we stimulate a wider area than with shockwave alone. In order to have a good and strong erection, the tissue in the penis must be able to expand up to 20-25 times, therefore flexible tissue is important.

With this combination, a stronger effect is seen than with shockwave alone. This is also supported by our clients who have previously received shockwave as a standalone. We expect this combination to become the standard for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the future.

We are the only clinic in Denmark that offers this innovative combination treatment, which will give you a better result and stronger erection.

After surgery for prostate cancer, it is common to see severe erection problems. Usually, the surgeon will try to preserve one of the 2 nerves running along the prostate, which has an impact on the ability to erect. If the nerve is preserved, we can use shockwave to increase erection, if possible in combination with pills or injections. This way you will be able to maintain sexual activity and a good erection.

However, it is important to come soon after surgery, as there is an open window for the first 6 months after surgery to stimulate the nerve tissue. This is also where we have the best chance of reducing inappropriate scarring of the pelvic floor after surgery.

We regularly have clients in the clinic who have had surgery several years ago. Here we still see a good effect with the treatment in terms of increased erection ability and feeling.

A man's self-esteem is the source of his potency and who he is. If his self-image erodes and he feels he has no greater value in who he is or what he can achieve, this can lead to a wide range of psychological issues. It can manifest itself as shame and performance anxiety and, in severe cases, depression and stress.

When self-esteem disappears and he feels inferior, the desire for sex and in the most difficult cases the ability to have sex may disappear for him. This will only create a further downward spiral, further affecting self-image and sexual functioning. For him, this will need to be managed in order to regain successful sexual functioning.

Self-esteem may also be affected by childhood and possible trauma, which may have affected self-image and relationship formation and may form the basis for a greater need for counselling to address the issue.

Michael helps you alongside the shockwave treatment, with tools for increased self-esteem.

In the context of sexual activity, a feeling of inferiority in the man can lead to performance anxiety. This is especially true if you have put your partner on a pedestal and do not feel that they are on the same level. Or in colloquial terms, that you/he feels you have overscored. It can be by virtue of the following questions:

Am I good enough? Is my dick big enough for her? Can I satisfy her? What happens if I disappoint her? Will I be abandoned if she doesn't have an orgasm?

There is no limit to the thoughts that can come up in the situation, but common to all of them is that it reduces the ability to erect to a greater or lesser extent. For some men, this means they don't want sex at all and start to withdraw when they're about to be intimate with their partner, for fear of failing.

These elements Michael also helps you to understand.

There are many different causes of erection problems in men, besides age. The clinic will help you at the first examination to understand why you have got your erection problem. Below are the most common ones seen

  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Different types of medications (cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure regulators as the most frequent)
  • Physical inactivity
  • Heart problems
  • Alcohol/smoking
  • Stress / lack of sleep
  • Use of steroids.
  • After prostate surgery, due to nerve damage
  • Tense muscles in the pelvic floor due to frequent cycling
  • Performance anxiety
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Abuse
  • Guilt and shame
  • Relationships
  • Lack of knowledge

In general, some degree of erectile dysfunction will affect about 50% of men over 50, and increases with age from there. But there are also many young people aged 20 to 40 who suffer from erection problems, and this group accounts for about 30% of those the clinic helps. So it's not just a question of "high" age.

One of the latest treatment options for erection problems is with focused shockwave and EMTT, which is used in the clinic at MS Insight.

  • Physical activity
  • Vacuum pump
  • Shockwave/EMTT
  • Sexological therapy
  • Stem cells (not offered in the clinic)
  • Injections/pills (not offered in the clinic)
  • Surgery (with pump insertion)

"Despite regular exercise, a healthy diet and a continued active sex life, through my fifties I have experienced a gradual decline in the ability to achieve a proper and sustained erection. Yes, in fact the process probably began even earlier.

Pills I have never really liked, and although here an easy and effective short-term effect is achieved. I was curious when I read about Michael and MS Insight. I took the test and gave myself a birthday present by buying what in my case was 6 recommended treatments.

You quickly get used to the formless and in no way painful shockwave treatment of the diaphragm and penis. The treatment is painless and you quickly get used to relaxing with the "tingling" waves from the shockwave machine.

Can you convince yourself that there's not much difference between opening your mouth and dropping your pants in private with your therapist? Then the experience is on a par with a dental cleaning. Michael is very orderly and has always handled the treatments of me and the interaction in the private room in a good and relaxed way.

After my 6 treatments I experienced a noticeable change in both the ability to have and the frequency of having a natural good erection. Cosy when you wake up in the morning, and nice when you're with your girlfriend.

Even though it's not cheap, it's been worth it for me and I might go again in 5 or 10 years if I lose the level I've now regained."

Painless treatment

Treatment has 3 elements/phases

  1. Examination/clarification, interview and ultrasound scan
  2. Treatment with shockwave and EMTT, 6-12 treatments
  3. Pelvic floor training and lifestyle


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