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EMTT and the first 30 million pulses

EMTT and what it does

Magnetolith EMTT and how it makes a difference in clinical practice.

In March 2020 when the pandemic set Europe into lockdown, I had the delivery of the first Nordic EMTT device.

New novel technology, limited known protocols, and a basic introduction to the science behind. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but during 2020 it had replaced more than 90% of my normal use of level 4 laser in the clinic. Which I normally combined with ESWT.

So let’s dive into my experience with the EMTT technology so far.

Knee osteoarthritis (and others)
The first cases I worked with, was osteoarthritis in the knee. I’ve been working for years with Level4laser and ESWT in a combination, so it was natural to start working with that indication, to learn more about the EMTT effect.

10 clients, 3 treatments in 2 weeks, 4000 pulses, intensity 8, 8 hz and then I saw a reduction in pain in 37%, stiffness 45% and difficulty 35% at the WOMAC score, right after the 3rd treatment. These results showed being better, than what I experienced with treatment with laser before.

Then I started combining EMTT and ESWT for knee osteoarthritis, and after initial treatments, clients can go between 5-8 weeks with higher QoL and less pain, between a single session.

As one of the first cases that showed the potentiel of EMTT, was when i had an Ice-hockey player with a Scaphoid fracture. The wrist was fixated with a cast, and there was no direct access to the fracture area for ESWT application.

I decided to do a treatment of 5000 pulses, and after the first 400 pulses, the client could feel vibration/tingeling sensation in the bone. That showed the potentiel for deeper treatment in the body, and the ability of working non-invasive, even when access is limited. In total we did 3 session with succes, in quicker healing and pain reduction.

General approach:
As shown for several years, the combination of ESWT and RSW have an enhanced effect in different indication. I believe that in the next 10 years, we will see even more studies, showing the combination between EMTT and ESWT will make significant difference in patients outcome.

In the same time, due to holding arm, it is possible to do more efficient treatments, due the ability of applying EMTT in one place, and then ESWT in another area.

With the addition of EMTT to the treatment domain, I’ve seen
Reduction in the number of sessions
Increased pain relief for especially larger non-specific pain areas
Increased elasticity in the tissue
Enhanced effect of ESWT
Tension release in muscles and increased circulation
Decrease in inflammation in tissue (without adding pain)
More efficient and holistic workflow in treatment

So in total, I am very happy with the results i gets from using the MAGNETOLITH in my clinical setup, and can only recommend you to try it.