Klinik for Shockwave

Clinical Consultant China Medical

Today I am happy and excited to announce a new collaboration with Kinas Medical - Human Health run by Merri-Edna and Gerhard Kinas.

Their core values of education and knowledge of technology fit very well with my approach to shockwaves as an art form and not just a tool.

I’m very excited to step in and join the team.
My role will be to create clinical content for their educational platform and participate in various workshops in the US with the rest of the strong team in the future.

They founded the company in 2000 with the aim of introducing ESWT technology. Their intense focus on education also made them start The Academy of Shockwave Excellence.
In that way, they can enhance the art of shockwave through high-quality workshops and clinical content presented by a dedicated team of international experts.

Today the first piece of content went online and is a part of a journey through all the different aspects of shockwave technology in the upcoming months.

Read it here