Klinik for Shockwave

Client selection for erectile dysfunction

The power of saying no...

Getting shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction is becoming increasingly popular, but many also see it as a quick fix for their general problems.

But shockwave isn't the solution for everyone, especially with underlying co-morbidities and general health problems.

A good example could be like this. Male, that can't walk 500 meters without being exhausted; getting various types of medication for cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol and has an enlarged prostate that's not corresponding to his age.

He is not interested in changing his lifestyle, so his general condition will change; he wants the shockwave to make everything all right.

In a case like this, you will set you self up to fail the treatment course, and in the end, the client will be disappointed because the treatment will not meet expectations.

So the key is proper diagnostic and patient selection, and then shockwave will be highly efficient as a solution to different types of vascular ED. It is not a quick fix but a part of a solid holistic solution. They need to be active in the solution and not just passively receive the treatments.

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