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Shockwave increases the effect of PDE-5 for erection problems

ESWT for diabetic patients

An exciting study looking at the effect of ESWT (focused shockwave) in the treatment of diabetic patients with erection problems.

The study shows that 55% of the group that did not respond to PDE-5 inhibitors start to have an effect with the "pills" again after the course of treatment.

So that they can have an effect and start to have a higher quality in their sex life again.

Both groups in the study responded significantly compared to placebo, i.e. there is a really good basis for using ESWT to treat vascular erection problems.

Comment from my side in relation to the study is that it is a very low amount of energy, despite many pulsations. In the clinic I use a higher energy level, as it has been shown from other studies, as well as my own experience, to have a greater effect on the individual client, both with and without diabetes.

Multidisciplinary group for erectile dysfunction

Multidisciplinary group for erectile dysfunction

Yesterday I was in Svendborg, at the university hospital.

A new collaboration was built between MS Insight, Cortsen Physiotherapy and Urology Professor Lars Lund from Odense University Hospital, in relation to a collaboration on the treatment of erection problems / erectile dysfunction

This is being facilitated by Secma Medical to create a group to bridge practice and research in the field. This is part of a focus on ensuring quality of care through a joint information and education effort for doctors and therapists.

All parties, and especially I look forward to future collaboration with Lars Lund, which will help raise the level of ED treatment in the long term nationally.

At the same time, protocols for treatment were discussed, where all 3 specialists, independently of each other, had arrived at the same protocol, right down to the number of pulsations, intensity and number of treatments.

Specialists in erectile dysfunction

Peyronies, the silent killer

Peyronies, the silent killer

Peyronies are the silent killer in the bedroom. The penis becomes curved after an inflammatory condition that can last up to 8 months, and sexual activity can become difficult. Especially in cases where curvatures of up to 90 degrees are seen. In addition, there is the impact on self-confidence and the fact that the condition can be painful. It is not yet fully understood why it occurs, but theories are that it may be genetic, as with cockfingers and arthritis, to which peyronis is related, as it is all a fibrotic condition. There are also theories that it may be caused by trauma to the penis during sex. Recent studies show that it affects up to 13% of men.

Treatment options for peyronies

There are different ways to treat, both invasive and non-invasive

  1. Surgery (should be a last resort)
  2. Injections
  3. Shockwave

Surgery is the quickest way to an "effective" result, as it involves removing the fibrosa/plaque with a scalpel and making a series of corrections to the penis with "needle and thread", unfortunately there can also be side effects such as loss of sensitivity or erection problems.

Injections seek to dissolve the fibrosis/plaque and reasonable results are seen

With shockwave we see good results in the clinic, especially in reducing pain, and also in increasing elasticity / reducing the curve.

For both injections and shockwave, there are people who respond and people who don't. It depends on the prevalence, but also the quality of the cells, lifestyle, as it is biological factors that play a role in the outcome.

A "new" study also shows that shockwave is a safe and minimally invasive treatment method to treat peyronies before surgery with the risk of side effects may be considered.

erectile dysfunction project sexus

Covid-19 and erection problems

Covid-19 and erection problems

In the time of Covid-19, been a special focus on various health risk groups. This could be people with diabetes, for example. A group of men I often see in the clinic with erection problems.
A recent Italian study has shown that there may be a link between Covid-19 and the development of erectile dysfunction (ED) through a late sequel. The study also showed that people who already had ED were at increased risk of infection with Covid-19.
This is a study with relatively few participants, but it shows that sequelae from covid can come in many forms. In the future, we will probably get the full picture.
Full abstract can be found at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33742540/
erectile dysfunction project sexus

Project Sexus

Project Sexus and Erectile Dysfunction

Project sexus showed that 27% of Danish men have problems with erection, are you or your partner one of them? We must at least start by being able to talk about it.
In connection with the major study "Sex in Denmark" published two years ago, the sexual health of Danes has been uncovered. One of the chapters deals with sexual dysfunction and potentially investigative/treatment-requiring erectile dysfunction (ED). Which we treat in the clinic with shockwave, with great success.
As we are working with very personal information and the number of participants in the survey is "low", we should also expect some dark figures, so the real scope may be larger. We highlight just one of the graphs in relation to travel difficulty here.
Among 21,394 male respondents who reported that they had had sex and attempted to penetrate their spouse, steady partner or boyfriend in the past four weeks, 27.2% had a total IIEF-5 score (screening tool for ED) of 21 or lower.
This proportion of 27.2% thus meets the criterion of having potentially investigative travel difficulties.
There are many ways to deal with erection problems, some of which could be the following
  • Change dietary habits
  • Change of smoking habits
  • Change of alcohol intake
  • Get more exercise
  • Talking about the problem

A lot of it is about our lifestyle, so it's always important to get that covered before you possibly embark on any kind of pot pills or other treatment.

In the clinic, we can help you get your lifestyle back on track through thorough guidance At the same time we also have the possibility to offer shockwave treatment.

If you want to see if you potentially have erection problems, we have a test here you can fill in, anonymously

erectile dysfunction project sexus
erectile dysfunction project sexus

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes cause many Danish men problems in the bedroom. New study shows promise for treating erectile dysfunction resulting from diabetes with focused shockwave. This was done in combination with pelvic floor training. The study focused on 42 men aged 41-55. 42 men who had all been diagnosed diabetic neuropathy and vascular erectile dysfunction

They were divided into 2 groups. A group that received both shockwave and pelvic floor training, and a group that did pelvic floor training and received placebo shockwave.

There was a significant increase in blood flow to the penis in the combination group, compared to the pelvic floor training group. This was seen when control measurements were made with ultrasound 3 months after the end of treatment.

This is another study showing that focused shockwave can be an effective part of the treatment of vascular erectile dysfunction. But of course it doesn't replace a focus on healthy habits. There still needs to be a focus on a sensible level of activity, diet and nutrition, as well as alcohol and smoking, to name a few factors.

Read the study directly here or see the excerpt below.

erectile dysfunction diabetes

Martin’s history with shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

We help clients daily in the clinic with treatment of erection problems or also called erectile dysfunction. Here our client Martin has written about his experience with shockwave treatment in the clinic.

Martin, lawyer (60 years old):

“Despite regular exercise, a healthy diet and a continued active sex life, through my fifties I have experienced a gradual deterioration in my ability to achieve a proper and sustained erection. In fact, the process probably began even earlier.

Pills I have never really liked, and although an easy and effective short-term effect is achieved here. I was curious when I read about Michael and MS Insight. I took the test and gave myself a birthday present by buying what in my case was 6 recommended treatments.

You quickly get used to the formless and in no way painful treatment with shockwave therapy of the diaphragm and penis. The treatment is painless and you quickly get used to relaxing with the “tingling” waves from the shockwave machine.

Can you convince yourself that there’s not much difference between opening your mouth and dropping your pants in private with your therapist? Then the experience is on a par with a dental cleaning. Michael is very orderly and has always handled the treatments of me and the interaction in the private room in a good and relaxed way.

After my 6 treatments I experienced a noticeable change in both the ability to have and the frequency of having a natural good erection. Cosy when you wake up in the morning, and nice when you’re with your girlfriend.

Although it’s not cheap, it’s been worth it for me and I might go again in 5 or 10 years if I later lose the level I’ve now regained.”