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Achilles and patellar tendon injuries

New knowledge

Last Friday I attended the 15th Sportfisio symposium, where the focus was on Achilles tendon and patellar tendon injuries. It was a day of introducing the latest research in the field, and particularly in relation to the whole rehabilitation component. The main theme that ran through the day was that in order to effectively get back into sport, you need to train. It must be relevant training and it must be structured.

A good expression is use it or lose it. It is a very good indication of the strategy to be chosen once the damage has been done. Australian Ebonie Rio has done a number of studies in the context of injuries to tendons in the knee and Achilles, and has created the concept Tendon Neuroplastic training . The concept, in its simplicity, is to create a strength training programme appropriate to the injury in question, with the pace controlled by a metronome. This is done to stimulate the brain and bring quality to the exercises. If you do not train after an injury, the good normal fibre structure of the tendon will not be rebuilt. This could cause repercussions and reduce the possibility of good functioning over time.

Ebonie Rio, 2016

MS Insight-Ansatz

My approach to Achilles tendon and patella tendon injuries consists of 2 elements, treatment and training.

Treatment in the clinic to reduce pain levels and stimulate biological healing processes in the tissue using shockwave and laser.

In addition, a targeted strength programme should be designed to ensure an effective return to the sport of primary focus. Here, we work from a functional perspective, and not solely from a time perspective.

When should I do something?

As soon as you start suspecting an injury, it’s about taking action on it. It prolongs the process by thinking it will pass on its own. So be as proactive as you are when training or buying equipment for your sport. It is a good investment in your body to get effective help from the start.